Private contacts and exchange with beekeepers caused us to found our small initiative in Berlin in 2016. The examination of honey samples in even two specialized labs in Germany gave way to develop our project. From 2018 onwards, we want to support beekeepers in the Mashavera Valley by supplying organized trainings and materials. With a clear focus on ecological apiary, local bees and materials we want to contribute to the fight against poverty. In a later stage we want to apply for funding strengthening the tourist potential of the region by constructing an apiary centre with B&B accomodations.

We understand our initiative as part of an impact chain aiming to improve not only the quality of the honey, but the living conditions of the rural population. Ideas and other members are always welcome!

Our activities depend on donations. As an officially approved non-profit association donations can entirely be set off tax liability.

For every donation from 200 € onwards, we can provide a certificate of residence, your complete address provided. On special request, we will also send you an application certificate from 50 Euro. Get in touch with us!



Donation account Caucapia e.V.:

IBAN: DE02 8306 5408 0004 9247 97